Sea tour in Zatoka on the Black Sea coast

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Resort Zatoka - the village is located 60 km from Odessa and 20 km from Belgorod-Dniester on the colorful Budaksky spit. Located between the Black Sea and the Dniester estuary. The resort has become very popular among those who like to soak up and sunbathe on the beach. Want to take water treatments in freshwater estuary. But no! Then swim in the warm sea with a gentle shore.
Zatoka resort is one of the unique places in Ukraine. Vastness, white sandy strip up to 20 km long, mild climate. This is not all the benefits of the resort. In summer, the air temperature reaches an average of 29 degrees, water - 24 degrees. The season starts in mid-May and lasts until mid-September. However, rest in Zatok, Odessa region is not only available in the spring-autumn period. A number of hotels operate year round. Therefore, you have the opportunity to enjoy the sea holiday, to hold an event by the sea whenever you want.

Rest on the sea in the Gulf: who will approach the rest in a resort town

Want to listen to the surf, listen to live music on the coast, swim and sunbathe on the black sea coast. Come to the Black sea in Zatoka. Here is a huge number of bases of rest, boarding houses, hotels. It is possible to rent housing in the private sector. It all depends on financial possibilities, needs and personal preferences of tourists.

Can't imagine a vacation without discos or extreme, you will definitely be where to go. The choice is huge: aquabikes, water slides, riding on boats, parachutes, bicycles, Playground for active pastime. And in the evening you can visit night clubs, pool, located right on the beach.
Rest on the sea in Zatoka is ideally suited for families with children. Here as the smallest and older children will not be bored. Have fun not only on the beach. On the territory of the hotel complexes, guest houses work games, playgrounds, educational clubs, trampolines, water parks. About the leisure activities the whole family will be taken care of by professional animators.
The republican highway that passes through the village opens up the opportunity for tourists to go on excursions: to Izmail, Bolgrad, Belgorod-Dniester, Reni, "Ukrainian Venice" (Vilkovo), Chisinau. Going to Odessa, you can visit the Dolphinarium, taste Shabsk wine, just walk the streets of the famous city

Rest in Zatoka Ukraine: where better to stay

Choosing housing, I want it to be universal: a pleasant atmosphere, delicious food, leisure for every taste. Sea tour in Zatoka in the hotel complex Ruta Resort & Event Hotel - the perfect place for the whole family! The hotel is located on the first line with a protected beach, has a wide infrastructure and provides a full range of services.
Vacationers expect bright leisure during a vacation at sea in Zatoka
The hotel hosts family games, yoga and aqua aerobics, fishing, themed holidays, billiards and table tennis tournaments, organizing trips and entertainment outside the complex. There are also sports grounds on the territory that can be used for organizing sporting events, conference rooms, and a mini-water park (included in the price); 28-meter ferris wheel (the highest on the Odessa coast). The service and cozy atmosphere will complement the feeling of harmony, so that a sea holiday in Zatoka will be remembered for a long time.
Open your holiday on the Black Sea in Zatoke - and you will fall in love with this resort forever!